Your Human Design chart offers invaluable insight into how your energy is designed to flow and be expressed in the most authentic way. As a Human Design coach, I help individuals and families apply these insights to become more effective communicators, decision makers, partners, and leaders. 

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When working with clients, I like to focus on the practical application of the information contained in their chart. I tailor each session to the client’s specific needs and knowledge level. Whether you’re looking for a general overview of your chart or a deep-dive into something more specific, my goal is to leave you with actionable advice on how to live in greater alignment with your design. 

I approach Human Design the same
way I approach life:
mostly no-nonsense, with a touch of “woo”. 

you might find human design particularly helpful if you... 

are navigating a big transition in life

feel stuck, resentful, angry or disappointed

keep encountering the same type of resistance

are searching for guidance around your purpose in life

want to improve your relationships with loved ones

want to become more self aware

Q&A-based check-in via Zoom 

office hours

intimate group sessions facilitated via Zoom

for couples & families

one-on-one deep-dives facilitated via Zoom

for individuals

There are several ways we can work together

in our session, we can cover things like... 

How to own your superpowers and live out your purpose 

Your primary limiting beliefs or fears and how to overcome them

How to structure your work day to be more productive

How to confidently make decisions (and have fewer regrets)

How to process your own and others’ emotions 

i'm ready

How to express yourself most effectively 

How to better understand or support your loved ones


Whether you’re brand new to Human Design or have had prior readings, I tailor the session to your curiosities and needs. You will learn how to master the foundational elements of your chart – including your energy type, strategy, authority and profile. We will also explore your unique combination of gifts, preferences and sensitivities (based on your defined gates and channels) so you can set yourself up to live, love and thrive on YOUR terms. Sessions are conducted via Zoom. 

A personalized Human Design reading, tailored to your needs and knowledge level.

individual sessions

60 MINS  |  $250

These sessions are designed for two or more individuals (think: romantic partners, business partners, families) to discover how they can better relate to, complement and support one another. We cover communication styles, emotional regulation, intimacy, self-care, sensitivities and so much more. If you’re new to Human Design, a portion of our time together will be dedicated to covering the foundations of your individual chart(s). If you would like to spend the majority of our time focused on the relational dynamics, I recommend booking individual readings first. Sessions are conducted via Zoom. 

A connection chart reading focused on optimizing the dynamics between two or more charts

Couple & Family Sessions

90 MINS  |  $400

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For existing clients only (or those who have had prior readings from other Human Design experts). On the first Monday of the month, I offer the ability to book a 15-30 minute mini session to troubleshoot specific questions you might have about your chart or a situation you’re working through. These sessions are not a substitute for an individual reading.

Individual Q&A session focused on helping you apply chart insights to your daily life

office hours

15-30 MINS  |  $75

- susan and bobby s., MG & MANIFESTOR

"Alexandra provided us with an extraordinary, and astonishingly accurate, ‘read’ of who we are...

“Why” we are moved in the way that we are, and how we can work with ourselves, our passions and careers, and others, with this knowledge.

As an individual, Alex’s insights and innate intelligence provide her with a broad knowledge base that she draws from effortlessly, and frequently, in her readings. We left our session inspired, and emboldened, with a new found sense of how to best offer our respective gifts.”

- ally t., generator

“My Human Design reading with Alexandra couldn’t have come at a better time! 

The reading offered me clarity and insight during a time of transition, reaffirming my need to set clearer boundaries in order to maintain my own energy and motivations. While I already had some understanding of my energy type, Alexandra clearly walked me through my energy centers with compassion and patience. I look forward to applying this deeper understanding of my Generator type to communicate more authentically and to see myself more clearly within my personal and professional relationships.”

- sheri c., mg

“My time with Alex was affirming. She was able to share the complexities of my human design in a way that was digestible and allowed for introspection. 

I trust Alex with this soul work because I know how much energy she puts behind everything that she does: intellectually + emotionally. My time with her gave me a valuable tool to create clarity for my road ahead.”

“My session with Alexandra was wonderful! I felt connected and safe in opening up to receive the information from her.

She was articulate, prepared and intuitively shared aspects of my chart that she knew I needed to hear.”

"I had many ‘ah-ha’ moments that have already helped me to live more authentically.

I have told many of my friends and family about my reading and said they should have them done. Alexandra was able to relate the reading to all areas of my life. She is intuitive and understanding, and made it look so easy that I am thinking about learning how to do readings myself. Thank you again!”

“I loved my reading with Alexandra and found the reading so liberating and informative. Lots resonated with me and made me excited about some of the projects I’m working on.”

"My reading with Alexandra was thoughtful and expansive and covered every aspect of my chart.

She also provided deeper insights around properties I expressed special interest in. She has a profound understanding of Human Design and I really recommend her. The depth she added to my knowledge of my chart is such a gift.”

- kate t.

“Even in just one hour I felt a release from many old patterns and behaviors that I knew didn’t serve me, but I didn’t have the language to describe to myself .

I was worried if I got a reading it would just duplicate what I already knew, but it was all new, eye-opening information, and connected so many dots.”

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