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A collection of practical tools and resources to help you live your design with confidence and clarity.

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You don’t have to quit your job or move to a deserted island to “find yourself”. All you need is a roadmap. That’s the promise of The Purpose Playbook. While this book doesn’t explicitly mention Human Design, it uses many of the underlying principles to help you trust your intuition, lean into your unique gifts and design a more meaningful career, relationship and lifestyle. 

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Raised by design

Gain insight into your child’s unique sensitivities, preferences and gifts, as well as suggestions for how you can better support them in becoming more of who they’re meant to be.

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love by design

Explore the dynamics between two charts. Discover how your designs complement and challenge each other, as well as actionable advice on how to better support and relate to one another. 

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gift an hd session

Spread the love and give the gift of greater personal awareness and understanding to a loved one. The lucky recipient can reach out to me to schedule their session at their own convenience. 

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hi there,

I'm alexandra cole.

I’m a corporate consultant turned purpose-preneur. I’m a Human Design coach, author, podcaster, and personal development junkie. After a decade of helping Fortune 500s identify and articulate their “why”, I felt called to help individuals do the same. 

I created a step-by-step roadmap to give people the tools and the confidence to design the life they were meant to live. 

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energy type cheat sheet

A basic guide to using your energy in the most effective way. Discover your superpowers, common struggles, and other tools for living your design. 





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