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Your personalized parenting cheat sheet 

Digital PDF  |  $49.00

Have you ever wished your child came with an instruction manual?

Well, today is your lucky day! Raised by Design is a 10+ page personalized parenting cheat sheet based on your child’s Human Design.

Gain insight into their unique sensitivities, preferences and gifts, as well as practical suggestions for how you can better support them in becoming more of who they’re designed to be. 

Because each report is prepared especially for you and your child, please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Once you've purchased the report, you will receive an email with a link to provide us with your child's birth information. The report will be sent directly to your inbox. 

“Alexandra has taken the complex concept of Human Design and created a roadmap so easily digestible, supportive, and gentle.

- Julianne D. 

What a gift to have as a parent - another lens through which to view your child as an individual in addition to tactical steps to help guide them into being exactly who they already know they are.”

"“I was truly blown away by how spot on this report was.

- Georgina C.

It’s amazing to see how little people really live their design and it helped me see why my daughter wants things a certain way, even if it doesn’t make sense to me.”

This report does not require any pre-existing knowledge of Human Design (in other words, it’s partner / teacher / relative-proof) and covers things like:

  • How your child is designed to use their energy in the most effective way
  • Signs that your child may be struggling and what you can do to support them
  • How your child is designed to make the best decisions 
  • What and who your child is most sensitive to
  • The environment(s) your child is most likely to thrive in
  • Your child’s preferred learning style and how to empower them
  • And so much more!

set them up
to thrive

Our job is not to “shape” our little ones into something or someone. Our job is to teach our kids to trust themselves. To provide a safe space for them to discover what they enjoy, how they relate to others, what they’re good at and ultimately, who they are. This report offers parents the guidance and encouragement to do this. 


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