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Human Design coach, author, and personal development junkie. After a decade of helping Fortune 500s identify and articulate their “why”, I felt called to help individuals do the same. 

Human Design

Human Design


Human Design is the art and science of our energetic bodies (aka our “auras”). Each and every one of us has a unique chart based on our birth date, time, and place. Your chart acts as a blueprint for your highest, most authentic self. In other words, it offers invaluable insight into who you are “designed” to be and how you are meant to share your gifts.

When you are operating in a way that is aligned with your design, you will experience a sense of ease and flow in life. However, when you’re operating in a way that is not aligned with your design, you may feel stuck, resentful, angry, or disappointed. (If you’re experiencing any of these feelings, it’s a sign you are making life too hard for yourself!)


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You may find Human Design particularly valuable for you if:

  • You are navigating a big transition in life

  • You feel stuck, resentful, angry or disappointed

  • You keep encountering the same type of resistance

  • You are searching for guidance around your purpose in life

  • You want to improve your relationships with loved ones

  • You want to become more self aware

  • You want to better understand your children (mamas, this is such a gift to do with/for your child!)


Alexandra provided us with an extraordinary, and astonishingly accurate, ‘read’ of who we are. “Why” we are moved in the way that we are, and how we can work with ourselves, our passions and careers, and others, with this knowledge.

As an individual, Alex’s insights and innate intelligence provide her with a broad knowledge base that she draws from effortlessly, and frequently, in her readings. We left our session inspired, and emboldened, with a new found sense of how to best offer our respective gifts.

— SUSAN & BOBBY S., MG & Manifestor



What to expect from a Human Design reading?

I will prepare your chart prior to the reading, which takes place on Zoom. During our time together, I will provide insight into your chart as well as actionable advice and exercises you can implement immediately.

You will learn how to master your energy type, identify common conditioning and limiting beliefs associated with your design, and learn how to make small tweaks in your daily life that will set you up to live, love, and thrive on your own terms. Sessions are meant to be interactive, so I encourage you to come with lots of questions!

An audio recording is also available upon request.


Individual reading: $200 | 60 minutes

Couples reading: $350 | 90 minutes



My time with Alex was affirming. She was able to share the complexities of my human design in a way that was digestible and allowed for introspection. I trust Alex with this soul work because I know how much energy she puts behind everything that she does: intellectually + emotionally. My time with her gave me a valuable tool to create clarity for my road ahead.

— Sheri C., MG


In your reading, you will learn things like:

  • How to use your energy more effectively so you can increase your impact on the people and the world around you

  • What type of limiting beliefs and fears you may encounter and strategies for overcoming them

  • How to structure your work day so you can be more productive

  • What part of your body (heart, head, gut, intuition) to pay attention to when it comes to making decisions.

  • How to better process your emotions

  • How to identify what type of romantic or business partner best compliments you

  • What strengths or gifts are connected to your purpose


Questions about Human Design?


My Human Design reading with Alexandra couldn’t have come at a better time! The reading offered me clarity and insight during a time of transition, reaffirming my need to set clearer boundaries in order to maintain my own energy and motivations. While I already had some understanding of my energy type, Alexandra clearly walked me through my energy centers with compassion and patience. I look forward to applying this deeper understanding of my Generator type to communicate more authentically and to see myself more clearly within my personal and professional relationships.

— Ally T., Generator


A simple overview of all 9 energy centers and what each center represents in your chart. 

free guide

A personalized parenting cheat sheet based on your child’s unique design. 



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