I'm alexandra.

Human Design coach, author, and personal development junkie. After a decade of helping Fortune 500s identify and articulate their “why”, I felt called to help individuals do the same. 

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My holistic approach draws on design thinking, human design, journaling, visualization, and other modalities, to craft a coaching experience that is tailored to deliver results for you.

Together, we will articulate your purpose, overcome common blocks such as fear, guilt, and imposter syndrome, and design a game plan to align your career, relationships, passions, and finances with what lights you up. 

Human Design draws on the Hindu chakras, the Chinese iChing, conventional astrology and the kabbalistic Tree of Life to provide a unique blueprint of your highest, most powerful self.

Understanding your design gives you permission to lean into your strengths and let go of conditioned behaviors so you can find more peace and ease in your everyday. Book a reading to gain invaluable insight into who you are designed to be.


A simple overview of all 9 energy centers and what each center represents in your chart. 

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A personalized parenting cheat sheet based on your child’s unique design. 



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