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Journal Prompts to Prepare for a New Year: Reflect + Resolve


While it is often counterproductive to dwell on the past, it can be beneficial to reflect on it. It may help you see patterns you weren’t aware of, articulate lessons learned, and perhaps uncover a silver lining you didn’t see there before. Reflection is also an important step in building new resolutions for the future.

This year, more than ever, many of us are all too eager for a fresh start. Yet, the uncomfortable reality is that a lot of the challenges we’re facing right now will still exist on January 1st. In a world (and at a time) where so much feels out of our control, it can be helpful to turn inward and focus on what you can control: what you invest your time and energy in, who you prioritize, how you take care of yourself, and so on. That’s where resolutions come in.

Whether you’re an avid goal-setter or are simply looking for a way to fill your time with the latest stay-at-home orders, these journal prompts can offer some inspiration to help you navigate this transition with intention and purpose.

Reflection Prompts:

  1. What is the hardest thing I did last year and what or who helped me do it?

  2. What is the best decision I made last year and why?

  3. What did I learn about myself last year?

  4. What is my silver lining from 2021?

  5. How did my relationships change and evolve over the past year?

  6. What 2021 experiences/people/insights am I most grateful for?

  7. What am I leaving behind in 2021?

Resolution Prompts:

  1. What is one way I can take better care of myself next year?

  2. What is one way I can take better care of my loved ones next year?

  3. What is one person I want to spend more time with next year?

  4. What is one “first” I want to experience next year?

  5. What is one healthy habit I want to start next year?

  6. What is one scary goal I want to achieve next year?

  7. What is one word I want to embody next year?

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