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Human Design

Energy Center Cheat Sheet

Your Human Design chart consists of nine energy centers. Each of these centers governs a specific part of the human body, experience and/or psyche—there’s a center that represents our emotions, our fears, our identity, our thoughts, etc. This cheat sheet depicts the nine centers and how to interpret them.

The energy centers form the building blocks of your chart, so once you know what they represent, you can start to make sense of other chart properties. For example:

  • If a center is white/open/undefined, it means your perspective or experience in this area of life is shaped by external forces and influences. You are more sensitive to your environment and designed to RECEIVE from others.

  • If it is colored/closed/defined, your perspective or experience is shaped by internal pressures. You are more fixed in this and less sensitive to your environment. This represents what you’re here to GIVE to others.

  • The numbers and lines — which represent the gates and channels — coming out of each center give you insight into the gifts and character traits you embody that are associated with this area of your life. For example, the gates coming out of the root center show you the types of pressures you are designed to respond to consistently.

You can also use this cheat sheet to explore how different charts complement or contrast one another. For example, if you have an open solar plexus and your partner has a closed one, this suggests you are highly sensitized to their emotions.

A simple overview of all 9 energy centers and what each center represents in your chart. 

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