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Download a free cheat sheet featuring all the energy centers and the properties they govern.


the energy type cheat sheet

A basic guide to using your energy in the most effective way. Discover your type’s superpowers, common struggles, self care tips and more. 





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Energy Center Cheat Sheet

A simple overview of all 9 energy centers and what each center represents in your chart. 

A Beginner’s Guide to the Art & Science of Human Design

A guide to understanding the basic building blocks of your chart including energy type, energy centers, profile and more.

Vision Board Builder

The Vision Board Preparation sheet is designed to help you get clear about your intentions, get real about your goals, and prepare to visualize your future life.   

Work by Design
Cheat Sheet

A foolproof guide for translating your Human Design chart into a comprehensive “user manual” for how you get your best work done.





free inspiration

8 Free iphone wallpapers

For a daily dose of inspiration, download these beautiful new wallpapers. Your home screen or lock screen will give you a daily reminder of the power you possess to choose thriving over surviving and to LIVE ON PURPOSE.


8 Free desktop wallpapers

Sometimes we need a little extra nudge to make a bold move, recognize our worth, or whole-heartedly go after our purpose. And if that nudge happens to also be gram-worthy, all the better right?  Download 8 free desktop wallpapers now!


the purpose playbook

You don’t have to quit your job or move to a deserted island to “find yourself”. All you need is a roadmap. That’s the promise of The Purpose Playbook. While this book doesn’t explicitly mention Human Design, it uses many of the underlying principles to help you trust your intuition, lean into your unique gifts and design a more meaningful career, relationship and lifestyle. 

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the purpose playbook podcast

The Go-To Podcast for purpose-seekers 

Each episode, I sit down with ordinary people living extraordinary lives because they learned to listen to the little voice inside their head, overcome their fears, and design their life around what matters most. Tune in for inspirational stories and tons of actionable tips on how to stop settling for "fine" and start living ON PURPOSE.

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